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Designed by clinicians for clinicians new to credentialing and billing or those who have been billing for a while and need some additional support.


Insurance Billing Crash Courses

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Simple Practice Secondary Billing Workshop

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The Ins and Outs of Insurance Verification E-Book

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Intro to Medicare Credentialing

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My experience in building and growing a successful mental health private practice provides the foundation to support you as you build your own practice!


My knowledge of mental health insurance claims and the insurance paneling process will help you to attract clients who want to use their insurance benefits!


My “down-to-earth” attitude and confidence will help ease your anxiety about the credentialing and billing process. I’ve been there; I know how overwhelming it can be. We’ll get through it together!

Reach New Heights in Your
Mental Health Private Practice

Insurance credentialing and billing may seem like daunting processes with a great deal of paperwork, but they certainly do not have to be! The paneling process should be no harder than applying to graduate school if you know how to keep organized and when to follow-up. Billing can take you minutes a day if handled in an effective manner.

Everything you need to start today.

I'll provide the tools you need to set up your CAQH, set up your resume for insurance paneling, and apply to popular panels in your area.

Get set up for success.

Learn how to verify insurance for mental health coverage, set up your EHR, streamline your insurance payments, & market to clients who want to use their insurance benefits.

Billing with confidence.

It's not rocket science! It's based on experience, knowledge, and sound advice from someone who has been through the process & has a thriving private practice!

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What Others Say
About Danielle and the BYOB Team

Just a quick shout out for being a great consulting source! I feel so much more confident!
Bridg Z. ~ Naperville IL
Clinical Psychologist

You are the “go to” for all of this stuff. You are so supportive and encouraging when it comes to insurance. Honestly, you helped empower me to break through my fear of paneling. Only fear was holding me back!”

Michelle P.


You probably don’t know this, but you are one of my heroes. You are inspirational and I aspire to your success and abundance. You have given me lots of support and knowledge. You share so much know-how to all of us clinicians.

Clinical Therapist

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