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Embracing Insurance:
A Spotlight Interview with Danielle Kepler, LCPC


Since venturing out from her group practice 9 months ago, Danielle Kepler, LCPC already has a full and profitable practice. Unlike many therapists who break out in hives at the mention of insurance billing, Danielle has gleefully embraced and is expertly navigating the process with fearless abandon in addition to sharing that expertise with others. She has used SimplePractice since day 1 to fully manage her thriving practice, including insurance billing, and as a self-described type-A personality, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Here we talk about the path of a solo, insurance-based practice and how that fits into her vision for herself and her clients.

Hi Danielle. Thanks for joining us for this week’s Spotlight! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about your practice. 

My practice is in downtown Chicago in this really cool old historic building. I see primarily individual adults struggling with anxiety, depression and I see lots of couples too. I see about 25 clients a week and my practice is 95% insurance. I started my practice last May (2015) after I left a group practice to start my own solo practice.

What made you decide to move out of a group practice?

A couple things, actually...


Danielle chats about Switching Your Credentials for Solo Practice with Melvin Varghese, Ph.D. on the Selling the Couch Podcast.

Today’s guest is Danielle Kepler, who is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Chicago. Danielle successfully made the transition last April from a group practice to a solo practice. Dealing with transferring your paneling with insurance providers, also known as switching your credentials, can be intimidating. Danielle has navigated the process and is here to share what she’s learned with us! Don't miss it!

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Kate & Katie interview Danielle Insurance-Based Practices on the The Private Practice Startup Podcast.

Danielle Kepler, LCPC is the founder and “head insurance guru” at Be Your Own Biller, LLC, where she offers consultation to business owners, solo practitioners, and non-profits local to Chicago and across the nation.

Working with Insurance and Other Private Practice Tips with Danielle Kepler on The Mastering Counseling Podcast

Working with insurance can present quite a challenge to any therapist. Our guest this week is Danielle Kepler, LCPC, who runs DK Therapy which is located in downtown Chicago. Danielle also offers consultation services to other clinicians hoping to open their own insurance-based practice through her business, Be Your Own Biller LLC. With her vast amount of experience in the field, Danielle was able to share great information with Megan on dealing with insurance and billing, as well as running a private practice.

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Wellness Check: Clinical therapist Danielle Kepler on The Wellness Check Podcast

Brad and Danielle talked about how the quarantine is impacting her both personally and professionally, how she can relate to her clients, how it is sharing her home with her husband and cat during the quarantine, some self-care tips, the interesting routine she’s been sticking to, how feeding the fear of going outside can make anxiety worse, some tips on proper use of social media and consumption of news and alcohol and drugs, how quarantine tips might vary based on an individual’s circumstances, what (if any) positives there are in this situation from her perspective, and of course what she would sacrifice for the quarantine to come to a prompt and responsible end (Brad suggested sacrificing Dr. Drew so you’ll have to listen to find out what she said).

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