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Consultation Packages

Get your questions answered.

From quick 30-minute sessions to multiple hour-long meetings, there's a package for every billing or credentialing question, big or small!


**Please note these consultation package prices are for mental health clinicians and their in-house support staff.

If you are a credentialing/billing company and/or venture capital company, please contact Danielle for pricing.


“I have a quick question”


30 Minutes

Got a quick question? Choose this option for a 30 minute 'pick my brain' session and have not pre-paid for your session.


“Pick My Brain”


One Hour

This one hour ‘pick my brain’ session is great if you have a list of credentialing/billing questions that you would like answered.


“Little Help”


Two Hours

This two-hour package is great if you need help with tasks that take a bit more time such as learning how to verify insurance or billing.


“Medium Helper”


Three Hours

This three-hour package is great if you need more beginner guidance with insurance or have lots of questions.


“I need lots of help”


4 Hours

This four-hour package is perfect for those brand new to taking insurance who need step-by-step guidance, we've all been there!


Not a clinician? No problem!

Consultations are not limited to clinicians! I can train your office/administrative staff on how  to credential and bill so you can keep your support in-house.

Topics that can be discussed:

  • Setting up your practice to accept insurance
  • Setting up CAQH
  • Troubleshooting claims
  • Verifying insurance benefits
  • Submitting claims
  • Applying to insurance panels
  • Setting up your EHR
  • Setting up systems to track payments
  • And More! 

Think of this as a short-term investment for a long-term profit. The "Teach a Man to Fish" mentality, if you will. A few hours can set your practice up for a LIFETIME of success.

**Prices shown reflect virtual sessions and 1:1 training. Listed above are examples of what can be covered. Each package is tailored to your individual needs. 

Please contact us for in-person rates and group rates.

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