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Gabrielle Juliano-Villani, LCSW


Some of the Treatment Plan and Progress Note Questions We Hear:

  • What needs to be in my treatment plan?
  • Do my progress notes include the information insurance companies look for when auditing?
  • Am I using the correct format for my progress notes? What is the correct format? DAP? PIE? SOAP? 
  • What does Medicaid look for when auditing?
  • What can I expect during an audit?


 Do these questions ring a bell?

Then you don't want to miss these workshops! 


Join Gabrielle as she shares what it takes to pass a Medicaid and Private Insurance audit!


In these two workshops you will learn how to easily write treatment plan goals to insurers' standards, document medical necessity, and write progress notes that also meet insurer's standards.


Gabrielle will not only share how to document quickly and efficiently but will also share Medicaid-compliant note templates (Medicaid is often the strictest with notes).

Treatment Planning Workshop

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In this workshop series, you will:

  • Know to utilize Wiley Tx Planner to create easy SMART goals, and how to write your own smart goals.
  • Questions to ask during your intake to aid with treatment planning.
  • Understand case conceptualization
  • Be able to create objectives that link back to your client's diagnosis. 

Progress Note Workshop

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In this workshop series, you will:

  • Learn how to easily document medical necessity in your note linking back to the diagnosis.
  • Learn how to create your own note template to quickly efficiently chart progress notes up to insurance standards
  • See samples of a Medicaid-friendly progress note template

Treatment Plans Workshop


  • Learn to create SMART goals
  • The questions to ask during intake for assessment
  • What Medicaid/Private Insurance wants to see in treatment plans
  • Plenty of Q&A 




Best Deal! Both Workshops


Best Value!

  • Access to BOTH live/recorded webinars
  • Powerpoint slides for BOTH webinars
  • Your practice, primed for success, with insider treatment plan and progress note info!

Progress Notes Workshop


  • What insurance/Medicaid wants to see in a note
  • Tips to making writing notes quicker and easier including a note template
  • Documenting Medical Necessity
  • Plenty of Q & A





Presented by: 

Gabrielle Juliano-Villani, LCSW is the owner of Colorado In-Home Counseling, a group practice focused on working with older adults and folks with disabilities and chronic health issues. She started my practice to help bridge the gap and provide mental health services to some of the most vulnerable populations, who often lack or can’t afford transportation.

She has been a Medicare provider in private practice since 2017, and before that worked for an insurance company providing in-home care management to their Medicare Advantage population, which included helping them navigate their medical bills and health insurance plans. Her mother also sold Medicare Advantage Plans, so basically she grew up around insurance!

This past year, her group practice successfully passed an audit by Medicaid.

She is excited to share her knowledge- about treatment plans and progress notes!

Be Your Own Biller’s mission is to empower clinicians and demystify the insurance credentialing and billing world so they do not need to hire a long-term credentialing or billing service. 

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