Quick Tips: UHC and Telehealth Attestation

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Quick Tips: UHC and Telehealth Attestation

I'm sure you've heard the rumor mill that United Health Care will stop covering telehealth.....well that does not seem to be the case. UHC has been covering telehealth for as long as I can remember (7+ years? I believe since 2013!) and I doubt they will stop now (this of course does not cover self-funded plans which are up to the employer). 

They are however requiring that you attest for telehealth services if you wish to be listed in their provider directory as a telehealth provider. 

This can be easily done through Provider Express and you have the option now to add a 'virtual appointment only' address for those of you who are doing only telehealth.


Taken from their virtual visit site: 

Prior to delivering Telemental Health services, each provider is required to electronically sign a Telemental Health attestation.

Individually-credentialed providers may click on the appropriate link above to complete attestation, and electronically sign and submit the appropriate attestation to Optum Behavioral Network Services for validation.

Listed below are links for some great info about how to attest and FAQs about telehealth:

Q1. Does Optum allow billing for telehealth services?

A1. Yes, Optum has allowed the virtual modality of care since about 2013 and we will continue to allow most routine outpatient services, some ABA services and now even IOP to be provided virtually.

Q2. Will Optum continue to allow me to provide therapy and medication management virtually even after the Public Health Emergency ends?

A2. Yes, Optum will continue to allow the virtual modality of care for most routine outpatient services, just as we did prior to the COVID-19 emergency. Virtual care is included in our members’ behavioral health and/or EAP benefit and will not be going away.

Q8. Which telehealth technology platforms can I use to provide virtual services? Do I need to use Optum’s free platform?

A8. You are not required to use Optum virtual visits platform to provide telehealth services and may use any HIPAA-compliant telehealth 

Copied right from the FAQ that has been updated 5/26/2022. 


Optum's Telehealth Attestation Guide

Optum's Telehealth FAQs (GOOD INFO!)

Optum's Telehealth Provider Page (TONS of info!)


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